Historical Name of the Day

Zebulon Judd

Department Chair and Professor of Education, Auburn University, c. 1916

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And here we have a heapin helpin of country-fried feminism. Lynn’s country music markets refused to play “The Pill.” My favorite line is where she sets to verse the idea that the Pill enables women’s control not only over reproduction, but also over pleasure:

"This chicken’s done tore up her nest and I’m ready to make a deal
And you can`t afford to turn it down  ‘cause you know I’ve got the Pill”

Country sublime, there, ya’ll.

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You don’t need me to tell you that Loretta Lynn is a genius. I love the wry class analysis in “One’s On the Way.” It’s like she’s winking at Steinem and Friedan as she tells them that they don’t know the half of it.

"The girls in New York City, they all march for women’s lib
And better homes and garden shows, the modern way to live
And the pill may change the world tomorrow, but meanwhile, today
Here in Topeka, the flies are a buzzin’
The dog is a barkin’ and the floor needs a scrubbin’
One needs a spankin’ and one needs a huggin’
Lord, one’s on the way
Oh gee, I hope it ain’t twins, again!”

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I never pay for artificial sweeteners: I prefer to filch my Equal, aspartame, and, if I’m really lucky, Splenda, from establishments that have them lying about. However, since coming to Chapel Hill, I’ve been frequenting independent java-joints and grocery stores, and my conscience nags at me too much to feel OK about stealing their supplies.

Would it be too flagrant to just walk into a Starbucks and bleed the beast without even the pretense of buying something? I can probably convince myself that going to Starbucks and grabbing a handful of the little blue packets is equivalent to buying a double espresso forte venti latte whatever from the mom-and-pop around the corner.

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Nice Metaphor, Historical Edition

From The Manchester Guardian, April 28, 1927, in response to Churchill’s plan to increase the duty on imported tobacco:

"As for pipe tobacco, the increase of prices was notorious, and the agricultural voter…out of twenty puffs from his pipe devoted seventeen to the Exchequer and had only three for himself."

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Two things that make it less likely I’ll be your friend

1. Too keen an interest in the origin of people’s last names.

Am I supposed to take you on an Ellis Island tour of family lore seconds after meeting you?

2. Too great a reverence for Robert E. Lee.

Can you honestly not find another honorable historical figure who did not fight to uphold slavery?

In my experience, these traits are often clustered in the same people.

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Is it socially acceptable to send an email to two people even though they don’t know each other? Like let’s say I’ve been keeping two people, one from work and one not from work, updated on a situation. Can I email them together when that situation is resolved?

In my world, where the stakes are low and people don’t try very hard to impress people with their internet social powers, this sounds just fine. If you want to be part of the solution to web social-anxiety, email them together. But if you got aspirations to be inside the system, man, well you better take the other lady’s advice. 

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I am a 25 year old woman who, until ten days ago, has always been fed by a dining hall. My first two years of grad school I lived in the grad dorms and was on the university-mandated meal plan. During my third year I regressed into residing in the undergrad dorms as an RA-type person.

Now that I’ve temporarily relocated to Chapel Hill to do some dissertation research the prospect of feeding myself (and paying for it) obsesses me all the time. The cooperative grocery store around here functions as a community gathering space, and because I don’t know really know anybody in the area I find myself intentionally forgetting items—or demanding farm-freshness— to justify going back in two days. Because this grocery is struggling a bit financially, I tell myself that my repeated and unnecessary visits not only feed my stomach and my social-life-thru-voyeurism, but that it it is basically a moral imperative. And look my car is incredibly fuel efficient, so don’t even…

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NCSU Plant Pathology Tobacco Day

I’m doin’ this for sure this summer.

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